Repair Services

For over 10 years we have been successfully repairing computers and laptops and helping people solve their computer problems.
We offer IT and computer services including laptop, computer and apple repairs.  At ToddNetworks we pride ourselves on offering sales and support which is honest, affordable and reliable.

Our Repair Services include: 

  • Solving the frustration of a slow running computer
  • Virus removal and internet security
  • Repairing your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • Advising on new software e.g. Office 365
  • Cloud computing
  • Data Recovery
  • Storing all your photos and data
  • Backing up your computer or porting data to a new laptop

You can buy a new laptop or computer from us, along with your antivirus and security software and we’ll always offer you a good deal.

Book a Repair Pickup
  • Fixed Price of £40/€50, unless parts are needed.
  • FREE 7am – 10pm pickup and drop off
  • NO-Fix-No-Fee guarantee

Pickup Service

Take the hassle out of having your computer serviced or repaired with our Free Pickup/Drop-Off service available from 7am - 10p. Book a Pickup now.

Repair work is carried out

The repair or service job is carried out If we come across any issues or require replacement parts, we'll give you a call and see how you would like us to proceed.

Track job progress

You can track ongoing job progress using our repair tracker, simply enter the job number from the drop-off form we left with you.

Job Complete

When the repair is complete you should receive a text message to let you know. Shortly after we'll give you a call and see when suits to bring it back.

ToddNetworks Service/Check Up

We believe that just like a car M.O.T or N.C.T, a computer service is extremely important in order to keep your machine running to its full potential.  At ToddNetworks a computer service means much more than just speeding things up, we check both software and hardware.


  • Operating system and software are checked over for any underlying issues
  • A clear-out of temporary files that get stored over time are removed
  • Third party apps and browser add-ons are checked
  • The entire system is scanned and cleaned of any Viruses/Spyware/Malware
  • Up-to-date Anti-Virus software is installed

  • Replace thermal compund between processor and system fan
  • Removal of any build-ups of dust on the system fans and vents
  • A hardware scan is performed on the primary hard drives and ram